Welcome to the Chewelah United Church of Christ
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United Church of Christ

Welcome to Chewelah UCC!

We are the Chewelah United Church of Christ located in Northeast Washington in the small town of Chewelah, Washington.  Join us on our website and Facebook page as we share the wonder of God in our open & affirming, bible-studying and Christ-centered church.  A place of sanctuary.


Our Mission


"As children of God, united in our belief in Christ, we are called to love one another as God loves us: helping each other to live as givers, to be as doers, to pray as believers, and always to serve."






Searching for Holy Ground

Richard L. Floyd

"Then God said to Moses, ‘Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.'" - Exodus 3:5

You can't find holy ground with your GPS. You won't even find it at famous holy places, though you might. Ordinary places become holy ground only because we meet God there.
Our congregation calls our worship space the "sanctuary," which means "a container for the holy." It is a lovely and historic room, but it is no more intrinsically holy than Mt. Horeb.
Holy ground is usually found in a crisis: Jacob running away from Esau, Moses hiding out, Paul rushing to Damascus to persecute the church.
Without the presence of God, Jacob's pillow is just another rock, Horeb just another hill, the way to Damascus just another road.
But anywhere can be holy ground if we meet God there. The Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote: "The world is charged with the grandeur of God . . ." and it is true, but too often we miss it because we are preoccupied with the cares of the world.
And when we do recognize holy ground, we often want to camp out there, like Peter after the Transfiguration. But God doesn't meet us just so we can have an experience; there is always a call and a job to do.





News Flash!

Scheduled Meetings:

First Sunday - Communion

First Sunday - Food  Sunday

Second Sunday - Birthday & Anniversary Celebration during worship

Third Sunday - Hymn Sing at Long Term Care, 4:15 pm

Monday: 10:00 am  - Worship Team

Monday: 11 am - Lectionary Bible Study

First Tuesday 6:30 pm - Church Council

Last Tuesday 11:30 am (time subject to change ) - Diaconate Meeting

Good Intent meets on the first Wednesday each month at 1:00 pm unless otherwise announced.

Trustees meet the Sunday before Council following worship

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